Hands on with Zagg’s ZaggMate Bluetooth Keyboard for the Apple iPad

Zagg’s ZaggMate Bluetooth Keyboard case is one of the more innovative Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad that we’ve seen to date.  The case displays the iPad in vertical or horizontal modes, and can snap onto the iPad’s screen to protect it during travel.

We took a hands on look at the ZaggMate at CES this year.  Check out the video below to see how the device works.

Hands on with the Etch-A-Sketch case for the Apple iPad

Yep, it’s a case for the iPad that looks like an Etch-A-Sketch.  It’s an innovative idea and the case really does look and feel like an Etch-A-Sketch.  The case also has two small feet that will prop up your iPad about an inch or so at a perfect angle for typing.  Sadly, the dials on the front of the case are non-functional, but they do help to complete the case’s look.

HeadCase turns your iPhone 4 into the ultimate drunk dialing machine


Sure, most iPhone cases protect your phone, but can they help to get you drunk as well?  That’s where HeadCase’s bottle opening iPhone cases come into play.  A bottle opener is conveniently integrated into the back of the case, allowing you to pop open a beer while checking your email.  The case also has an opener for cans, as well.

For $25, the HeadCase bottle opener will pay for itself once you find yourself with a beer, and without a bottle opener.

iPhone case doubles as an electrocardiogram


You’ve probably seen thousands of electrocardiograms, aka ECGs, on medical TV shows.  These devices sit next to a patient’s bed, and display a heartbeat as a line that’s usually accompanied by a regular interval of beeps.

But ECGs don’t need to be so large and immobile, according to Dr. David Albert.  The good doctor has developed an iPhone case that doubles as an ECG – just hold the back of the case up to your heart and your heart beat can be seen on the iPhone’s screen.

The case, currently dubbed the iPhone ECG, is still in development and has not yet been cleared for sale as a medical device in the USA.  But judging from the video below, it definitely look like this device will be valuable for patents that need a portable device to measure their heart rate.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad finally get an HDMI output thanks to MiLi HD

Video looks great on your iPad and iPhone, but displaying that video on an external display can be a pain.  That’s why we’re so excited about MiLi’s HD dock for the iPhone and iPad.  This compact dock features a micro USB charging port and, more importantly, an HDMI out connection that will allow users to output 1080i video from their i-device on an HDMI-enabled display.  The HDMI out can also be used to connect your i-device to an audio system.

The MiFI HD will cost $100, and will be on display this week at CES.

Source:  Engadget

Bioserie’s iPhone, iPad, iPod cases are “made of plants”


Yep, Bioserie’s motto, “Made of Plants” kind of explains it all.  The Hong Kong-based company offers iPhone, iPod and iPad cases that are made of bioplastics, i.e. crushed plant corpses.  There’s a lot of science behind bioplastics, but the short story is that unlike most plastics, which are made from oil, bioplastics are made from renewable sources such as plant starches or microorganisms.

So what does that mean for users of Bioserie’s cases?  At the very least, it means you can protect your iGear without guilt.  Better yet, you can tell all your friends with regular plastic cases that they are destroying the environment with their fossil fuel-based cases.  Burn.

BioSerie’s iPhone 4 cases cost $35.  The company’s iPad cases have not yet been priced, but are expected to launch in 2011.

Review: Perfected Case Chemistry Platinum Case (SNC10SL) for the Samsung Nexus S

IMG_2283Manufacturer: Perfected Case Chemistry (Seido)

Model: Platinum (SNC10SL)

Device: Samsung Nexus S

Type: Hard Plastic

Website: www.bestbuy.com

Price: $30

Weight: 18g

Pros: Good fit and grip

Cons: Flimsy bezel



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Aigo’s aiPower i616 case – Never buy another $20 cable from Apple


Look, it’s hard to deny that Apple is a great company, but charging $20 for a standard 30 pin cable is…well…absolutely ludicrous.  That’s just one of the reasons why Aigo’s aiPower i616 case is so appealing.  The case, which hides a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, features an integrated mini USB cable that slides back into the case when not in use.  That means you’ll never be without a charging cable for your iPhone 4.

The aiPower i616 adds 7 hours of talk time, 10 hours of Internet/Video and 300 hours of standby time to the iPhone 4.  The case has a battery power indicator on its bottom, as well as a charging switch to turn charging on and off.

You can pick up an aiPower i616 here for $80.

iDevices’ iGrill turns your iPhone, iPad into the world’s most expensive meat thermometer


Sure, your iPad and iPhone can tell you the current temperature outside, but what if you want to know the current temperature inside a piece of meat?  That’s where iDevice’s iGrill wireless thermometer and app comes into play.

The iGrill system consists of a wireless temperature probe that can track temperatures up to 400 degrees F.  The probe can be used by itself, and features a touch interface and support for up to two probes.

But the real fun comes when you pair the Bluetooth-enabled wireless probe with your iPhone or iPad and download the iGrill app.  Once paired, you can view the current temperature of your meat from the iGrill app, up to 200 feet away.  The app offers all sorts of handy features, like a timer, a list of recipes, and food temperature safety recommendations.

The iGrill system costs $100 (the app is available for free) and will start shipping on December 20th.  You can order one directly from iDevices, here.

Griffin’s LightBoard case turns your iPad into a $500 coloring book


Griffin doesn’t have any problems with tracing.  The company’s innovative LightBoard case combines an app, case and paper to turn the iPad into what is essentially a $500 coloring book.

Here’s how it works.  After installing the polycarbonate LightBoard case, you launch the LightBoard Trace app, which displays traceable pictures on the iPad’s screen.  Then, just attach a piece of paper to the LightBoard case’s frame, give your kid a pen, and you’re all set.

The app has over 40 trace and color activities that should keep your kid busy for hours.  Better yet, the LightBoard case will keep your refrigerator free of those awful free-form pictures that your kid brings home from school, which all look like a big plate of spaghetti.

You can pick up a LightBoard case here for $40, directly form Griffin.



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