Review: Verizon Snap-On Gel Cover for the Motorola Droid 2

IMG_1520Manufacturer: Verizon

Model: Snap-On Gel Cover (MOTDRD2SILB)

Device: Motorola Droid 2

Type: Silicone and plastic case


Price: $20

Weight: 30g

Size: 120.2mm x 64.7mm x 18.1mm

Pros: Good fit and protection, comfortable design

Cons: Thick and heavy



Verizon offers several Verizon-branded cases for the Motorola Droid 2, many of which are similar in look and design to the cases that the company released for the Droid X. In this review, we take a look at Verizon’s Snap-On Gel Cover for the Motorola Droid 2.



The Snap-On Gel Cover is a silicone and plastic case that consists of a screen bezel and a back cover. The black version of the case has a soft textured back, while blue, pink and purple versions of the case have a metallic finish. The case weights about 30 grams and adds about 4mm of thickness to the phone.

The Snap-On Gel Cover is overall a very plain and simple case for the Droid 2. While the case isn’t flashy, it does a good job of staying out of the way and blending in with the design of the Droid 2.


The Snap-On Gel Cover has a silicone exterior with a plastic skeleton. This design allows the case to flex, while ensuring that the sides and corners of the case remain rigid. We believe that this case will hold up well over time.


To install the Snap-On Gel Cover, you first snap on the back cover with the phone closed, then install the front bezel. Both of these pieces snap nicely into place around the front and back of the Droid 2. We like IMG_1528how the case’s plastic skeleton holds it firmly in place, even when we open and close the phone.

The exterior of the Snap-On Gel Cover is soft and has a textured wave pattern that provides a good, comfortable grip when the phone is used in vertical or keyboard modes. The case has tapered sides and a ledge around the Droid 2’s screen, which makes the phone easy to hold with one hand. Note that the colored versions of this case have a slick metallic exterior that does not provide the same grip as the black version of the case.

The case was also comfortable to use in landscape mode.  However, like other cases, the edge of the case sits near the top row of keys on the Droid 2’s keypad.  This can makes it somewhat difficult to press these keys.

The Snap-On Gel Cover covers the volume and camera buttons on the Droid 2, but these were easy to press through the case’s skin, and we could feel the buttons click as we pressed them. All other ports and buttons on the device were easily accessible.


The Snap-On Gel Cover does a good job of covering the sides and back of the Droid 2. The case’s silicone and plastic skin provides protection from scratches as well as decent cushioning from falls. The Snap-On Gel Cover also has a ledge around the Droid 2’s screen and camera, so these elements don’t come into contact with neighboring surfaces.


Although the Snap-On Gel Cover is a basic and slightly boring-looking case for the Droid 2, the case does most things right. It fits the device well, feels comfortable in our hands, and provides good overall protection for the Droid 2.

At $20, the Snap-On Gel Cover is also one of the least expensive cases for the Droid 2 available at launch, and we think this is a good first case to buy for the device. The only real downside of the case it its size – it is quite heavy at 30 grams, and it adds about 4mm of thickness to the Droid 2 as well. As long as you can live with the added heft from the Snap-On Gel Cover, this case is a good option. Overall, we give the Snap-On Gel Cover case four stars.

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